Khmer lottery Results Number draft Date 07 June 2021

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A headhunter was on the opposite end of the phone. He was trying to find an assistant to a CEO/Owner for alittle , but very successful business. Essentially, he wanted someone at his disposal night and day. that did not appear to be an enormous deal. then subsequent question came…”Do you mind if someone screams at you?” As soon as I could get past the sirens going off in my head, and visions of Dilbert comic strips, I replied, “Yes, that’s not acceptable”. The headhunter continued, “Well, he probably wouldn’t call you names, but he’s a reasonably hard driving guy and he raises his voice a lot”.

Yes, this is often a real story, and it had been my first conversation of the day today. it has been enough to amaze and amuse me all day. Somehow i assumed the times of screaming bosses were buried with the times of managing by intimidation. i assume i used to be wrong! i can not help but wonder if this guy has even heard of all the work being done around emotional intelligence, or employee retention. Maybe he doesn’t read.

Message To The Screaming Boss…
Chances are, your employees have one foot out the door. They probably even spend a neighborhood of their working day reviewing emails and job postings at places like
You are missing out on significant amounts of data . Why? Because nobody wants to be “the one” to inform you. What you do not know can hurt you.

Every time you enjoys a screaming frenzy your employees spend time telling one another , talking about you, and perhaps even trying to find ways to push your buttons. After all, you’ve become the entertainment.
If your employees have conditioned themselves to tolerate and even disregard your screaming, they’ve probably learned to not take it personally. After all, your hissy fits are about YOU, your huge ego, your insecurities, and your lack of desire to make win-win, interdependent relationships.
If your company is successful in spite of the way you treat your employees, just believe what proportion more successful you’ll be if your employees loved to return to figure a day .
And finally, “What is your screaming costing you?” I’m talking about in terms of dollars and cents. Think in terms of unproductive employees, the way your employees treat one another and customers, turnover, health benefits, and perhaps even some employee sabotage.

The Bottom Line is that this …
Even the military is undergoing an enormous initiative to become more emotionally intelligent. The drill sergeants of tomorrow are going to be very different than the drill sergeants of yesterday.
What might be different for you and your business if you stopped screaming and began treating people with respect and dignity?
It’s simply a choice you recognize .

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