Khmer Lottery

In this page, We will show the Khmer lottery result. The Khmer lottery result will daily update by schedule time on 10:35 AM , 13:00 PM, 15:45 PM, 18:00 PM and 19: 45 PM.

Khmer Lottery is run and operated by Dreamwin Corporation – another private entity that is registered and licensed by the Ministry of Finance. Playing the game is simple, as there is an official Khmer Lottery app. Via the app, the reach of the Khmer Lottery has reached significantly because most people have easy access to it via their mobile device.
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Khmer Lottery is a five-digit game (also available for playing offline), and it offers a lot of flexibility in terms of betting. Depending on the amount that players want to wager, they can win up to six million riels in return.

Apart from these opportunities, Cambodia has three additional privately-run official lotteries. All of them are legitimate and regulated by a national entity. As a result, players have no reason to worry about giving games of luck a try.